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What are the Annual Dues and What is Money Used For?

Timing and Cost of Dues:

Association dues are assessed annually to cover the community's expenses for the upcoming calendar year.  For more detail on the association's jurisdiction to assess and collect annual dues and how this money is used, please review the attached document:  

                                                    Why We Pay Annual Dues

Dues of $100 per home have already been collected to cover expenses for the period of:

                                                     11/1/2018 thru 10/31/2019

When you receive an invoice, your prompt payment is very much appreciated.  The additional effort of an all-volunteer board and extra expense necessary to follow up on delinquent payments provides no value to the community.  In addition, when annual dues are determined, it is based upon the assumption that all homes in the association will pay their dues.  Non-payment of dues adds to the burden of the paying homeowners, creates additional work for the board, and undermines the very concept of this association of shared responsibility.


Our Association Vendors

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Suburban Landscape Management

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Pond Maintenance


Lake Pro

Association Insurance


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To Request Proof of Good Standing:

Send a Request to the Treasurer:

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Instructions for Request

If you are closing on a purchase, sale, or refinance of a home in our association, you may need to provide to the title company proof of good-standing (all past and current association dues paid in full) with the homeowner association.

Please provide at least 5 business days' notice to acquire this information. 

To ensure the validity of requests, all inquiries should come directly from homeowners and not from agents.  

If you encounter a problem with this form, send an e-mail /letter directly to: