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Note our new friend in the upper left corner of this site.  This bird will serve as our logo in branding our community.  This is the same image that appears on our entry signs and will also appear in future communcations to our community.  

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2019 Fall Newsletter

Updates on association business, projects, and other pertinent information about our community.

HOA Calendar

Saturday, February 1st, 2020

Last Day to Pay 2020 Annual Dues on-time

Saturday, February 1st, 2020

Last Day to Pay 2020 Annual Dues on-time

Living in the Association

Mailbox in Need of Repair?


Questions frequently come up about mailboxes in our community when a homeowner finds their mailbox in need of repair. The Association has no authority to repair or replace mailboxes nor can the Association dictate the style or color. However, the board feels strongly that a common mailbox style, color, and appearance add to the sense of community and overall aesthetic. So, homeowners are encouraged to adhere to the current mailbox design as much as possible. See documents below for detail instructions. For other questions or help with mailboxes, reach out to the board at:  mailbox-help@llmsmhoa.org.   

Contact Us

To Reach the Board by E-mail:

President:         Sandy Paci           President@llmsmhoa.org

Vice-President:        Bruce Davis         Vice-President@llmsmhoa.org

Treasurer:        Barb Vleko           Treasurer@llmsmhoa.org

Secretary:         Girish Shah          Secretary@llmsmhoa.org

    Website:           Matt Kukla          Webmaster@llmsmhoa.org

Welcome Wagon:       Becky Garity       WelcomeWagon@llmsmhoa.org

To send a letter or payment to the Board:

Long Lake Meadows / Spring Meadows Homeowners Association P.O. Box 1764 Troy, MI 48099-1764

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